Furry Friends


When your FURRY FRIEND can't be with you!

We are situated in one of Perth's southern suburbs, 30 min's drive from the centre of Perth and Domestic Airport. We offer quality care in a safe and friendly environment.Furry Friends is a family affair with our 2 young boys also a helping hand, Tim & myself (Hayley) have been involved with dogs and other animals all of our lives and collectively breeding and showing Border Collies & Australian Shepherds for more than 36 years. We are also owned by 2 cats that you might see spying through the front windows on arrival.We have upgraded some of our facilities and we look forward to sharing them with your pet.


As a pet lover you can make a difference in the lives of thousands of animals

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Our modern brick kennels are light and airy with a high iron roof. All kennels have an outside view to the exercise yards.

The cattery is housed in a 60ft x 40ft building with a high roof and is cooled by a sprinkler system and is also air conditioned. The cats are housed in a separate building to the dogs for those that are not canine inclined.


Friends to meet, lessons to learn, games to play. A home away from home in a small, intimate setting,designed for happy and safe dogs.


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What do I have to bring with my pet?


(All dates above are the start and finish dates for school holidays)

Please remember we are a boutique board facility, catering for the small numbers of pets,  we fill up quickly around the school holidays, so book early to avoid missing out.

The most important thing you must remember to bring is your pet's vaccination record or certificate that shows when they were last vaccinated. This needs to be signed by the vet and will preferably have the labels attached. Everything your pet needs is supplied by us, however you are welcome to bring your pet's blanket/bedding with smells of home, a couple of toys or some special treats just for your pet. (chewy ones are best)

Latest news

We are a small facility wi?h just 10 kennels used for boarding dogs and 12 suites for cats.

With the cattery now airconditioned we have start on the upgrade to the play room, hopefully finished later the year.


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